Working Gold Pack - Employed or self employed in France

Should you need them, we provide you with all of the services you would expect to get from our RELOCATION and LIVING Packs. In addition, we assist you in setting up your own business in France, ensuring that you do so in a way that is legitimate and compliant with the regulations and legislation pertaining to your chosen venture.

There are many different ways of setting up as a business in France. From ‘Associations’ (essentially charitable concerns), through the various types of small business entities, to setting up as a SARL – very much like a private limited company in the UK. Each type of business has its own rules, regulations, and legal niceties to observe. One thing to note is that legislation and regulations change regularly, and are often interpreted quite differently by local communes, departments prefectures, etc. We offer expert advice and guidance on the type of business that would best suit your needs, and then walk you through the necessary steps to ensure you are fully and properly registered and that you have permission to begin trading in France.

One issue Experts often overlook is the French insistence on ensuring that individuals or groups who set up in business have the correct qualifications to do so. The French have a system of checking and authorising foreign qualifications – educational or vocational – and awarding equivalence with similar French qualifications. This can be a minefield for the unprepared, but trading without ensuring your qualifications meet French standards can invalidate professional indemnity insurance, and, in the worst case, lead to you being imprisoned and / or fined heavily for trading without the necessary qualifications and permissions.

Again we are able to provide expert advice and guidance and help you to negotiate with the appropriate authorities to ensure that your qualifications are recognised and valued and that you are able to trade as you wish to.

Finally, every business has to pay tax and other charges. We have qualified accountants that will advise you on your liabilities in law, and help you to submit full and accurate records to the relevant authorities to ensure that you stay above-board and conform to all current legal and regulatory requirements.*

Finally we act as intermediaries for you, mediating and facilitating on your behalf, should you find yourself in conflict with clients, other businesses, or the authorities. If the worse comes to the worse, we are able to advise and guide you on obtaining the correct legal representation and we will support you by translating legal letters and documentation for you and in helping you to furnish replies (in French) to requests for information, etc.

We will continue to support you in all of the above aspects of your Working Pack for the 12 months of your contract with us.

Please ask about our Business to Business Packs to see how else we might be able to help your business grow and prosper. From relocation packages, to business consultancy, we offer an array of business services that complement our Working Pack.