The Team

Our team comprises both a close-knit company team, and a number of reputable business partners.

    What each and every team member and partner has, is the ability to focus on the issues and challenges faced by our clients, and then the capability to do something about them.
    The whole team has been carefully selected to ensure that they have the ability and skills to deliver considered and thought-through responses to queries and requests for assistance from our clients, regardless of what those queries and requests might look like or involve.
    They have then been trained on our systems and processes to ensure that the guidance, assistance, and support that they offer is accurate, suitable, and deliverable, and best meets the needs of the client.

More than anything else, each member of our team possesses a real passion for helping people to achieve their dreams and live the life they wish to live here in France..

John Dislins

Managing Director

Marie-Claude Bessout

International Estates Management
Partner Service


Vincent Ayral

Insurance Specialist


Magali Fuss

Translator (Court Approved)
Partner Service


Stéphane Carel

Chartered Accountant
Partner Service


Isabelle Charles

Chartered Accountant
Partner Service


Philippe Péjoine

Legal Representation - Solicitor
Partner Service


Frederic Fabre

Banking & Finance