Living Silver Pack Day to day

Should you need them, we provide you with all of the services you would expect to get from our RELOCATION Pack. In addition to that, we ensure that your stay in France is as trouble free as it can be, and that you remain ‘legitimate’ in terms of your relationship with the French Authorities.

So first of all, we ensure that you are aware of and respond to the need to pay local taxes and charges – the Tax d’Habitation amongst others – and that you are aware of any rights and obligations you have with regard to occupying the property in which you live.

We regard to Health Care in France; this can seem very different from the other countries, and you may be surprised to find that you are expected to pay for most of the treatments you might need to access here in France, right down to seeing your local GP (do please note that your right to use your UK EHIC Card may be significantly reduced). We take the time to explain to you the complexities of the French system so that you do not get caught out or miss out on what is rightfully yours.

Most expats will speak about the importance of obtaining the Carte Vitale – the means by which you access health services and gain reimbursement of part of the cost of doing so. We assist you in gaining your Carte Vitale - if at all possible - as quickly and as conveniently as possible (our best is less than 3 weeks from submission to Card being issued). We also ensure that you have sufficient additional Insurance (Insurance Mutuelles) to cover the difference between standard rates of reimbursement and the total cost of your care.

We will ensure that you are properly registered with the authorities with regard to your liability for payment of tax and other social charges. We help you to determine your liability for tax / charges, and also your entitlement (if any) to benefits paid by the French Authorities. This can be a relatively straightforward affair, but where you have income coming from another country (pensions, dividends or interest earned, or even a work-based income earned whilst working in another country), then your tax affairs can become very complex very quickly. Equally, if you have children, dependent relatives, suffer disabilities, etc., you may be entitled to various payments and benefits that are not always advertised or easily found if you don’t know the system well.

As a resident of France you are expected to know the law regarding the correct declaration of income. To not do so risks significant penalties being levied against you. As always, ignorance is not accepted as an excuse in French law! So we offer professional advice from a qualified accountant, to ensure that you register and declare your financial status in good time, and that you file a correctly completed tax return when necessary. We ensure that your obligation to pay other social charges is covered similarly. We ensure that you remain legal and not at risk of penalty with regard to your residence in France.

Finally we act as a mediator and facilitator between you and the authorities. We are able to attend certain, specific, meetings to mediate and speak on your behalf. In addition, we are available by telephone to speak to the authorities for you. We are able to translate official letters received from the authorities and to write back on your behalf in French, to respond to such letters. (Please see the detailed terms and conditions of this pack for information on meetings and translation services).