EMIGRATING TO FRANCE - We will help you integrate and deal with the government administration day to day!

“From landing in France to being settled in France, pleasehelp.fr is your hands on practical helper through ALL the processes required.”

When relocating to France, many Experts make the basic mistake of assuming that things work similarly in to their own country. Unfortunately, France has a complicated system very different from its British, US, Australian, etc. counterparts and this system can often present many issues and challenges. Pleasehelp.fr however, can help you navigate the system and ensure that relocating to and living in France is as stress-free as possible! This includes Visa application support.

The packages available have been designed to offer unlimited support whenever you need it and cover Relocating to, Living and Working in France. Each package builds on the previous and covers everything from helping you find a rental property to setting up bank and utility accounts, ensuring that you are registered with and comply with all relevant authorities, the translation of documents, and helping you negotiate the intricate process of becoming self-employed

To ensure that all client needs are met, Pleasehelp.fr provides several membership packages, each of which has been designed to provide unlimited support with your Administrative, Financial and Legal issues. Additional services available also include Internet support services and Insurance for the house, car and health.

All support is provided on an individual basis by the team of highly knowledgeable and experienced bilingual professionals. Not only will they get to know you and your needs, but they'll discuss and implement fully any responses and follow up with a 'wrap around' service of continued suppor


Health & Carte Vitale

VISA & Titre de séjour

Company Creations & Self Employed


Stress Free Move

Moving Stress-Free to France (or as close as to stress free as possible) : 3 benefits of hiring experts who do the work for you

Moving to France is an enormous life change. While many companies claim to offer helpful relocation services, what they are actually selling is advice or a form-filling service. Clients need much more than that; they require a detailed strategy and a hands-on team. In short, they require action—not just talk or paperwork. That is why it is so important to find a developed a team of experts. We are equipped with the latest technological tools to allow for the best practical help that will help you make good decisions throughout the entire moving process.

Why Obtaining Help Is Crucial

Currently, French systems and processes are inefficiently carried out by the official departments. The authorities often don’t even maintain their own websites; you could fill out and submit important online forms only to discover too late that those forms are not even being reviewed by anyone. You have to know how to fight the system, and a form-filling and explanation service can only work in a minority of cases. Who you know, rather than what you know, on a national basis is much more important when it comes to achieving a smooth moving transition.

Take Action: Achieving Your French Dream

When you want to move to France, it’s tempting to begin with too broad of an outlook. Professionals help pinpoint exactly what you want by using their experience to polish your vision, ultimately providing you with a more realistic and satisfactory portrait of your future in France.

3 Advantages of Relocating With Pros

Coming to France consists of more than just getting the carte vitale (the French health card) or creating a business. It’s about a global perspective in helping and in seeking the help from true professionals, and not from an individual with a few years of experience in doing it “their” way. Moving to France with experts is especially pertinent now, given the exit from the EU referendum. But although the process may not become easier, it certainly shouldn’t be harder if you employ the services of top-notch professionals. Working with pros offers you three key benefits:

  1. You don’t have to read thousands of tips and tricks. Far from being helpful, only makes you feel more stressed and unsure of your decisions. When you hire pros, they can help you weed through the options and take prompt action.
  2. You obtain hands-on work with an experienced and skilled team. We have a staff with over 30 years of law, IT, and banking experience, with links and contacts throughout the government. This gives you access to a variety of knowledgeable services while also enabling you to mine the rich expertise of a wide range of professionals who are dedicated to work and action, not just talk and promises.
  3. Narrows down your vision. No amount of online research can fully prepare you for moving to another country, and our experts will actually do the hard work for you. They help you narrow down what areas you want to live in, what places you desire to be close to, what you can afford, etc.


Relocation Bronze Pack Settling in

Moving house can be really frustrating, for expats and native French alike.

  • Whatever your need;
  • opening a bank account
  • finding a place to rent or buy.
  • getting basic utilities connected
  • sourcing an internet connection.

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Living Silver Pack Day to day

Finding a place to live in France is one thing, but staying in France for any extended period means you have to access a whole range of services and products – all of which seem to work in an entirely different way from your own country!

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Working Gold Pack Self employment

Coming to live in France is one thing, working or being self employed is another and can be a mine field; this pack sees this process hassle free for you.

Being self-employed in France can bring its own complexities and challenges but we can help. Take a look at our Working Pack to see how it might help you.

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“Through our actions, we give each of our clients every opportunity to bring their dreams of living and working in France alive, and to make those dreams a reality.”


If you have ever had to deal with the French Authorities or indeed with any institution in France, then you will know how frustrating and confusing such interactions can become.


One thing the French Authorities seem to be good at is separating you from your money. There are taxes, social charges, contributions, and other subscriptions that may well be levied against you.


The French legal system is very different from its British counterpart. Expats often make the basic mistake of thinking that things work similarly in both countries.


Inheritance Service

Email Consultation

You have a general or simple point of law question about inheritance, you ask your question by e mail and we provide a fast response.


Personal Consultation

You explain your situation and your wishes about your future inheritance and we find the solution for you. Choose this option if you believe it is a simple inheritance.


Complex Assessment

You give us all the details about your situation and your wishes for your future inheritance and we conduct a complete survey and provide you with the very best solution

800€ - 2000€

Insurance Service


Internet Service

Each one of these is an add-on service and bought separately from the other packs.

Real Estate Service

Paralegal Translation

one of the main house purchase contracts by verbaly translating and explaining; in person or on the phone.


Paralegal Translations

Two of the main house purchase contracts by verbaly translating and explaining; in person or on the phone


Complete Guidance

As well as the translations, we will guide and advise you, research local building regulations and meet you at the notary.


How Do We Do That?

We treat each client as an individual; we work on the premise that each client will have their own specific issues and needs, and so we listen carefully to what the client has to tell us before we begin to work on their behalf. We apply our unique systems approach to problem-solving and solutions generation to our client’s issues and challenges. We create the most suitable responses to each issue, discussing them with the client, and then implementing them fully, making sure that we manage the resolution of such issues from end to end. We provide a ‘wrap around’ service to each client based on their membership level, and look to support the client as fully as possible throughout their membership. We consider ourselves as partners with you during the entire term of your membership with us. And, as partners do, we look to help you to achieve your dreams whenever and wherever it is possible for us to do so.

Other Services

Clicking on ‘Products’ in the button bar at the top of this page will take you to our membership packs. These have been designed to provide four distinctive levels of membership service, from our Bronze ‘Essentials’ get you in pack, to our all-inclusive Platinum Pack – the last word in wrap-around client services.

We are also happy to provide a range of bespoke and bundled products to non-members and as additional non-included services to members. Such services can range from formal (court accepted) translations of documents and certificates, through to all of the services and actions necessary to set up a business venture, or to buy a house perhaps

Meet the Team

John Dislins

Managing Director


Vincent Ayral

Insurance Specialist


Frederic Fabre

Banking & Finance


Magali Fuss

Translator (Court Approved)

Partner Service


Philippe Péjoine

Legal Representation - Solicitor
Partner Service


Stéphane Carel

Chartered Accountant
Partner Service


Isabelle Charles

Chartered Accountant
Partner Service


Marie-Claude Bessout

International Estates Management
Partner Service


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