Relocation Bronze Pack Settling in

We will assist you in opening one or more accounts at a Bank local to where you wish to live eventually. We will advise you on all of the documentation you will need to facilitate opening the account and provide you with any formal translations of documents necessary. Should your French be insufficient to conduct the necessary discussions to open an account, we will provide a telephone translation service whilst you are in your meetings with your banking adviser.

We will help you to find a rental property that is suitable for your needs – liaising with a private landlord directly should you not be able to find accommodation through a local estate agent. We will generate up to five viewings for you without further charge We will agree terms with the landlord on your behalf if needed and we will ensure you get the best price and deposit terms that we can negotiate on your behalf.

We will contact EDF (or other energy supplier you nominate that provides the utility services to the property) and ensure an account is open in your name prior to you occupying the accommodation. If necessary we will ensure that oil or gas tanks are full – you simply pay us for the oil or gas supplied. We will ensure that your registration and subsequent payment for these services is made in time and correctly, to facilitate the transfer of services into your name (you will need to be able to make payment from your French Bank Account).

We will contact an internet provider for you and arrange for you to have telecommunications services as per your requirements. We usually recommend FREE and are able to arrange for broadband internet services to be provided along with television and telephone services. We are happy to use an alternative supplier of such services should you so wish. We also help you to obtain a mobile phone contract as per your requirements. Again, we use FREE as our principle supplier of such contracts but will negotiate with another supplier should you so wish.

If you have any issues with your service and utility providers within the 12 months, we help you to resolve these issues and get a positive outcome from them if at all possible.

We are able to provide you with general information about the area in which you wish to live, including lists of local amenities, including doctor’s surgeries, dental services, local post offices, and other administrative locations such as the Marie, Prefecture, as appropriate. We will ensure you are registered as necessary with local authorities and other administrative bodies. We will introduce you to our partners to ensure that you have the necessary insurance policies in place as required by the authorities

We will continue to support you in all of the above aspects of your Relocation Pack for the 12 months of your contract with us and if you move again within the 12 months, we do it all again with you.